• Alexandra Jensen

What A Privilege It Would Be...

I was watching a movie, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. The movie took place during World War Two, and shortly thereafter. An author from London travels abroad to an isolated European island that is composed of farms, a few restaurants, and one post office. Her mission is to meet her pen pal, and hear his story.

There came a point in the movie, when a beautiful little girl was sitting on who she knew as her father's lap. The man was not her actual father, but knew her mother very well. Her mother had been taken away by German officers after being caught feeding a starving Jewish boy.

The love between the "father" and little girl was evident. While chickens meandered about, and clouds above consumed the gray sky, the little girl sitting on who she knew as her Papa’s lap was a moment of blended emotions- sadness, love, and joy.

Being the emotional creature that I am, tears began to breach the dam, and cascade down my cheeks. It was in that moment of love and sadness that I realized how badly I wanted a little girl. Not solely for myself, but also for my husband to love and cherish in this same, beautiful way.

Later, I realized that this particular scene resonated with my inner being for more reasons than one. It served as a reminder to me that when we do have children, those little creatures will not be our own. All children belong to the Lord; and most grow-up to have families of their own.

But what a privilege it would be, to be entrusted with one of God's most loved creations. If only for a small fraction of eternity; to experience a firsthand account of the spiritual bond between a child and its mother, would be a moment of God’s recognition; and as for me, pure joy.

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