• Alexandra Jensen

There is Life After...

My high school cheerleading coach, Ms. Robinson was an English teacher at Southlake Carroll High School. Ms. Robinson was my idle, by idle, I mean role-model; but seriously, I wanted to be her! She was 24; which seemed way older than my 17-year-old self at the time, and very pretty. Ms. Robinson taught us cheers, and insisted that our motions be as sharp as razorblades. Beyond cheerleading, Ms. Robinson talked to us about the importance of being “classy” young ladies, and gave many heart-to-heart talks that encouraged us in this regard.

Our very first summer cheer practice, Ms. Robinson shared her story with us. After making the The University of Alabama Cheerleading Squad, her cheer career was jeopardized. During Heather’s first team practice, she badly injured her right shoulder. The doctor gave her two choices. Option 1. Keep tumbling and risk the possibility of have a permanent shoulder injury. Option 2. Quit cheerleading. Before her college cheerleading career had even begun, Heather was forced to make the most difficult decision of her young adult life. She chose to hang-up her cheer shoes in order to preserve her body for her life ahead. Heather then explained to us how her quitting cheerleading might have been a blessing in disguise. She had a great college experience; establishing lifelong friendships, and partaking in many educational opportunities that she might not have been able to, had she stuck with cheerleading. “There’s life after cheer,” she would say with truthful confidence. The moral of Ms. Robinson’s story has stuck with me to this day.

There is life after you break up with your college boyfriend. There is life after a career ending. There is life after the honeymoon phase of your marriage is over. There is life after you leave your hometown. There is life after finances force you to move away from what you thought would be your “forever home.” There is life after your children go off to college…the list could go on.

There is life after whatever it is that you have had to let go of, or have had ripped from your grasp. You may feel dead in your moment of loss, swarmed by wasp’s of grief that seem to have multiple stingers; but hold on to your faith, if only by a thread; because I promise you dear sister, there is still life, and it will emerge in the fullness of God’s glory. Give it some time. Time heals. The demolition of your life will be rebuilt and restored by God's own two hands.

For we walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

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