• Alexandra Jensen

To Love Is To Risk

To love is to risk everything.

Do you love your husband? Your kids? Your house? Loving any of these things puts yourself at risk of hurt, rejection, or loss. Your house might burn down some day. Your kids or spouse could pass away in a tragic accident. To love is to risk everything. Teaching is no exception. If you love your job, where your currently at with your class of students, you place your heart in harm’s way. You may enjoy planning extravagant lessons, only to have them fail at times. You dearly love a particular student, and then she moves. You fall in love with each one of your students in a unique way, only to have them grow up, move on to the next grade level, and eventually forget you. Despite this knowledge, you will carry around a permanently sealed love for them in the pocket of your heart, for the rest of your life. Yes, to love is to risk hurt, loss, and rejection. But to love is to live. And if you aren’t experiencing some way shape or form of hurt, or pain in your life caused by loving just a little too much, then maybe you are not living for Christ. God is love. Christ paid it all, in the form of the most excruciating form of pain in order for us to experience true life. Love equates to life; life to the fullest. But along with true life comes a price; pain, which leads to purification.

If you are in love with something, realize that it could vanish for an unknown reason. God may even allow something to slip away that is valuable in your life; near and dear to your heart. He allows go experience these things, to walk through tribulation periods in our lives that inflict the pain of rejection; but not without purpose. God’s purpose is to redirect us, to position our lives in such a way that we rely more on Him. Sometimes this positioning feels precarious, but it is for our own good.

If you are currently in the midst of a “fall-out of love” season in your life due to loss, pain, or rejection; ask God “Why?” He will tell you…in His perfect timing. In the meantime, He hears your cry. He may not answer you on your watch, but will guide and direct you through this time. There is something so beautiful to be experienced in the soul, when you experience an all time low. God places us in the midst of the Shadow of the Valley sometimes, because it is part of His process of leading us to the peaceful streams. It is all a part of His perfect plan, even when we cannot see the way because we are in the midst of the darkness of the Shadow. In the darkness, hold on to hope; because where there are shadows, there is surrounding Light.

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