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Alexandra's Speaking Topics: 

A Beautiful Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ Before a Dating Relationship Begins!
Mr. Right may be out there, but don’t wait! Surround yourself with the fellowship of Christian friends. Cultivate your spiritual gifts. Dive into God’s Word. Become the type of woman that a godly man will desire, and want to chase after! There may be a few toads on the road along the way. Learn how to spot those toads in advance. Remember your beauty and value. Cling tight to The One, and hold out for your two; because dear girl, you are worth it!

A Beautiful Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ After a Dating Relationship Ends
When Adam and Eve sinned in The Garden of Eden, their connection with God was severed; and they suffered. Their suffering was due to a significant relational loss. In a smaller, still similar way, a dating relationship’s end leaves us feeling lost and alone. The good news is that Christ made a way for us to reconnect with God. A relationship with Christ is one that we can depend on! We can live life of genuine joy that comes from the peace of Christ’s presence, after a dating relationship ends.

Stepping into the Shoes of the Woman God Created You to Be

Alexandra walks women through the process of understanding the way they were uniquely wired by the Creator. Alexandra explains how to pinpoint one’s gifts, and how to utilize those gifts in furthering Christ’s Kingdom. With confidence in Christ, slip into your high heels, lace up those tennis shoes, or go barefoot. Walk the runway of the woman God created you to be!